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The Foundation for Neuroplasticity is a charity formed to address the public health issues involved in living with persistent pain. The Foundation is dedicated to solving complex problems related to pain management through a comprehensive system of medical research, provider assistance, and patient education. Our mission is to provide information to both patients and care providers about the most up to date treatment for persistent pain and, in turn, to help alleviate patient suffering through proven methods of pain management. Goals to achieve our mission will focus upon empowering people living with persistent pain, helping their caregivers, partnering with providers, changing brain and body and transforming the field of pain management. More specifically, the Foundation’s focus is on the development and implementation of a comprehensive pain management system that incorporates the most up-to-date neuroplastic research. Using a wide array of sources that include brain mapping technology, functional imaging studies, and clinical literature, the Foundation conducts research and creates educational programs for both patients and physicians. The focus of these programs is to establish a patient-centered model for the delivery of care that not only provides a proven method of pain reduction, but also encourages active participation by the patient in directing their own pain care.

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